Jam.dev - Staff Fullstack Engineer

Locations: Remote; Austin; San Francisco; New York City

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  • Playful
  • Lean
  • Senior
  • Kind
  • Positive
  • Hard-working

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About Jam

Jam.dev is the first platform with a browser extension that enables software teams to capture, log, and track developer-ready bug reports. In just one click, non-technical users can create comprehensive bug reports, including everything from instant replays to crucial developer logs, reducing bug reporting time by 20x. Established in 2020, Jam.dev now supports over 50,000 professionals from leading global companies such as T-Mobile, Dell, and Staples. Backed by renowned venture capital firms like USV, GGV, and tech leaders from Apple and Cloudflare.

About the role

The engineering team at Jam is constantly iterating and cooking up new ways to delight our users. You’ll work closely with product to build new products and features to help teams seamlessly ship software.


  • Remote, operating on US / EU time zones.
  • Opportunity to work in person in NYC and Austin.

You will…

  • Build a better and faster way for software teams to communicate bugs.
  • Build sizeable features quickly. You’ll go from idea to in-production in a couple of weeks.
  • You’ll move fast, but we believe in spending a bit more time to think through and write more maintainable code so that we can continue shipping a stellar product experience.
  • Delight users. The user impact from your work is so tangible that before you start writing code, you’ll often see clips where users are emphatically requesting exactly the feature you are about to build.
  • Impact the bottom line. Every engineer works on something critical to the business and you’ll be able to see your immediate impact in metrics.
  • As a dev tool, developers at Jam are directly connected and involved with the product. Your dogfooding of the product will inform the direction of Jam’s future.

You’re good at…

  • Digging into technical problems and communicating them cross-functionally.
  • Seeing the bigger picture - you understand how what you’re working on impacts users and fits into the product as a whole.
  • Prioritizing - managing quick sprints without compromising quality or functionality.

+3 years of experience building software products.

The tech you need to know…

  • React frontend with Styled Components.
  • TypeScript across the stack: extension, web app, and backend services.
  • GraphQL for API endpoints.
  • MobX with MobX state tree for strong typing and serializing and synchronizing application state across the Chrome extension.
  • Cloudflare for Workers, DDoS protection, Firewall, and CDN.
  • Node, Postgres, and Redis backend hosted on Google Cloud with Kubernetes.
  • GitHub for code repository and continuous integration (lints, tests, builds, uploads, and deploys).
  • Linear for issue tracking.
  • Slack and Notion for internal communication.
  • PagerDuty for on-call.

Your teammates are…

  • Early Cloudflare engineers and PMs.
  • Senior ICs who love their craft.
  • Absolutely hilarious.

You get…

  • The opportunity to invent something from the ground up that could one day be industry standard.
  • Fun, interesting and challenging work.
  • Competitive salary and equity.
  • Option to work 100% remotely, no commuting to the office.
  • Option to work in person in Austin and New York.
  • Paid desk at a co-working space.
  • Macbook Pro.
  • A small team where you will know everyone, and will move fast, without extra meetings.

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